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HILL-E-S is a short game centring on the ideologies of love, death, and immortality, developed with love by artist and musician Ali.

HILL-E-S combines light RPG mechanics with elaborative, puzzle-ridden visuals and progressive storytelling, featuring its own original soundtrack, a number of semi-loveable characters, a free-roam-based environment, and maybe some secrets to unveil.

Special thanks to Ryan Gray and "Wormwood".

HILL-E-S' soundtrack is available to download via Bandcamp.

HILL-E-S is also available via Game Jolt.

Published 88 days ago
Release date 20 days ago
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, open the installer, and then follow the instructions from there.

The game's custom font is also included in the ZIP file. It is highly recommended that you install it for the best possible experience playing the game.

If you have downloaded a previous build of this game, your save data from the previous build may still be present in the newer build. This is the game's method of retaining save data across different builds through a cache-like system. You can erase all data via the in-game menu if you wish to.



Development log


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This is so different! I mean, yeah text based adventure games have been around since the dawn of time, but this one just oozes atmosphere. The whole experience was so claustrophobic and jarring I legitimately had to stop playing after a while because my mind was playing too many tricks on me.

That's how good this game is, it's a subtle thing, but it creeps into your subconscious and you start questioning every shadow, every weird new turn and every window.

Excellent game, I may come back and try to finish this game at some point, but I need to give my brain a break! Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much for the kind words! You have truly made my day.

I will be sure to watch your video when I get the chance!

Here is my playthrough 

Thank you for playing!

I noticed, in your video, that there was an issue with the custom font that HILL-E-S uses. I will be working to rectify this issue as soon as I find a solution.

I hope you enjoyed!

I did gave you a 5 rating alot of work in this well done can you slow the intro text of have space key to continue?

Thank you for the kind rating!

Perhaps, yes. As part of a future update, I may do that.